Theatre Oikos Presents

Mercury Fur

At Edinburgh 2014 · A Philip Ridley Play

★★★★ - British Theatre Guide

Mercury Fur is arguably Philip Ridley's most controversial play and as timely now, three years after the ‘Blackberry Riots' as when it was written in 2005. Ridley provides a dark, dystopian vision of London after a series of cataclysmic riots.

“Oikos put their heart and soul into their performances”

Broadway Baby

The action of the play centres on a group of young people who provide bespoke parties for a single guest. They also sell a powerful new drug that recently appeared in the form of a variety of multi-coloured, hallucinogenic butterflies. In order to survive what, ultimately, are they prepared to do?

Mercury Fur is one of the most gripping and exciting plays of the last ten years and Ridley's genius is that he makes us care about the characters he creates, even though they initially seem like ‘monsters‘. Mercury Fur challenges us to look at the monster inside all of us and asks us ‘what we would do to protect the people we love?‘

What you can expect: this production is fast-paced, foul-mouthed and often brutal! It gives us a frightening glimpse of an entirely believable future – which makes it all the more frightening as the story unfolds to a chilling and emotional climax.

Oikos are a Reading based company which was set-up to develop work for the Edinburgh Fringe. They made their Fringe debut in 2008 with Berkoff’s Messiah; “excellent individual performances and ensemble acting”Three Weeks.

In 2009 they developed Home an original devised piece: “Stunning physical performances”Broadway Baby. In 2010 they adapted Equus: “It takes a lot of courage to stage this piece and a lot of skill to do so with such success”Edinburgh Spotlight

In 2010 they performed Woyzeck: “This gifted ensemble brings Woyzeck to life.” ★★★★Three Weeks. Then, in 2012 Oikos produced an ambitious interpretation of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis, “a thoughtful and challenging interpretation of this controversial play” ★★★★British Theatre Guide. In 2013 it was the turn of Shakespeare with a “vibrant and zippy” interpretation of Measure For Measure.